52 days…

…until I run the London Marathon. Training is going much better than I would ever have thought. I went for a 35km run last weekend and could even walk afterwards.

One of the benefits of all this training is that it seems you can eat what you like. My running coach has prescribed chocolate milk as the perfect post run pick me up. My preference is “Vanilla Malt” . To give you a comparison of how much goodness it contains, a Big Mac is 12 weight watchers points, a 600ml of Oak Vanilla Milk is 15 points.

I am not sure if being able to drink this guilt free is a key reason to get up at 5am and spend 3½ hours running but it certainly tastes good when you finally get to sit down.

For those of you that are interested here is a site that contains a few of my training runs from the last few weeks. The joy of living in Sydney is you do get some nice scenery. To make a donation to Oxfam who I am running for go to http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/BenReeve

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