99% of people who start the race, finish

So says the Oxfam fundraising material they sent me about the London Marathon.

It has been an interesting few weeks, I have had a heavy cold that basically stopped me training for 2 weeks. I was back on my feet this week and developed a slight knee twinge. I got myself checked out by the physio on Friday and he couldn’t find anything wrong.

So rather than ease myself back into it,  I set off at 6am in the pouring rain yesterday to run 30km out to Bondi and back. I made it to Bondi and as I was heading home my calf began to really hurt,  so as a precaution I called it a day and took a cab home!

It has felt better today so I think it may just need some rest, I have another appointment with the physio tomorrow just to be sure. I think us mature chaps are a bit like old cars, once one things goes wrong then so does everything else.

With less than a month to go my running coach reckons I have enough mileage under my belt not to stress.  I think there is enough time to bodge myself together, even if I get to the starting line running on 3 cylinders the chances are I will still get around (after all statistics never lie).

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